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Knoxville Carpet Cleaning
Carpet cleaning is an important part of keeping your home clean and fresh. In the process of cleaning, your carpet is something that you will have to deal with at some time or another. Families live on their carpets. We walk barefoot around the home, lay on the floor to watch TV, and play with our children and pets on the carpet. It is vital to keep carpets clean for your family’s health, as well as for the appearance of your home. 

Super Clean Knoxville carpet cleaning provides all types of services carpets with our advanced cleaning methods. We specialize in safe green and local carpet cleaning. Super Clean Knoxville carpet cleaning strongly believes that clean carpet and upholstery not only keep your home looking nice, but also benefit your family’s health. We use the latest carpet cleaning methods in order to provide you with the cleanest carpets. Super Clean Knoxville carpet cleaning uses hot water extraction technique, which is the safest and most effective form of carpet cleaning in Knoxville. Extremely hot pressurized water is forced into the carpet fibers to agitate them and loosen stains and soil. Then it is vacuumed back up for a deep clean. We go over your carpet at least twice with our top of the line machines, to ensure the stains are adequately removed. Our water is heated to at least 120 degrees to ensure that bacteria are killed and the carpet is truly cleaned. 

We also provide a number of highly effective additional options; including pre-mixed conditioners for an extra soft and life extending treatment, as well as pet/odor treatments to make any carpet look and smell brand new. Hiring Super Clean Knoxville carpet cleaning will be the safest, fastest, and most affordable way to give your carpet new life. 

Super Clean Knoxville specializes in:
1. Local home carpet cleaning
2. House carpet cleaning 
3. Green carpet cleaning
4. Office carpet cleaning
5. Area Rug cleaning 
6. Restoration carpet cleaning 
Open weekdays 9 am-7 pm
Saturdays & Sundays 10 am-5 pm
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NEW Eco-Friendly Choice at Super Clean Knoxville 

As we are always attempting to improve our company, Super Clean Knoxville will now offer a variety of green carpet cleaning solutions that are better for the environment. Super Clean Knoxville is proud to present these green solutions for your carpet cleaning needs. We only use certified green cleaners that are free from harsh chemicals. 

Ask our technician about the Eco-Friendly Choice today!